As a leading global metadata provider, Ericsson focuses on helping content owners and platform providers achieve their growth goals by understanding the transformation of television and supplying deep levels of highly flexible metadata and rich media to
successfully support their vision.

Don’t let the data dictate your growth strategy.  

Ericsson ensures you have complete autonomy so that you control the evolution of your products and services.


Ericsson fully embraces integrity and flexibility of our metadata by utilizing a single ID for every movie and program title and its contributors. This allows us to generate perfected relationships to other data.

Since our databases are highly normalized, we can:

  • Soothe your integration pain points
  • Address changes in the industry without complicated modifications
  • Quickly manage updates to multiple sources
  • Utilize greater freedom in customized reports
  • Repurpose the metadata associated to an ID

Consumers get the benefit by: 

  • Gaining greater continuity across devices
  • Receiving highly accurate search results and recommendations
  • Finding content across linear and OTT platforms (Universal Search)
  • Enjoying correctly recorded content and season passes